WhatsApp to roll out Community making feature

WhatsApp to roll out Community making feature

It is reported that WhatsApp is working on its community feature for quite some time now and is set to roll out the feature as a constituent of its next update. WhatsApp has lately released its newest update for Android and with the announcement of the update, speculations have started swirling around about the feature to be likely released in the next update.

As a result of the aforementioned feature, users will be able to link groups to form communities. All those participants of the constituent group will automatically turn in to the members of the community.

The control for setting up and dismantling such community groups will be wielded by the group administrators. Not just expansion, the novel feature would also allow for the administrators to curtail big groups and create sub-groups within those. The messages in these sub-groups will also bear the end-to-end encryption and hence wouldn’t be seen by anyone other than the sender and receiver which will be all the members in the group.

WhatsApp feature of disappearing messages has also been tweaked to give users more control over its activation and disabling. The users can now choose from two durations: 24 hours and 90 days for which they would want their chats to be present in their sets and disappear after them. They will now have the option to turn on the disappearing messages feature for new one-on-one chats which will automatically delete the chats after the selected duration.

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