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For 15 years in software testing services and qa, InfotonicsMedia developed software testing and qa services proficiency in healthcare, manufacturing, retail & e-Commerce, logistics, oil & gas, and other industries. We work with goal-driven self-managed testing specialists who can instantly spring into your project and confirm every perspective of the requirement as the best software tester

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Our Enterprise Based Software Testing Services Offering

Our healthcare Software testing Services expertise

For enterprises

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Get Automated Unit-Testing For Risk-free Innovation

InfotonicsMedia has expertise in test automation for cooperating with the development teams. It offers practical and risk-based testing centered on reformed challenges. We’re competent to perform specific software testing services and QA of operations with the following ingenious technologies and designs: 

Automated UI and API Software Testing Services

InfotonicsMedia complies with the exclusive Integrated Manual and Automated Testing (IMAAT) strategy to optimize software services intervals. Our test automation channels interpret computerized testing probability and measure its ROI for each testing design. If it’s profitable, we develop reusable test scripts for automated UI and API software and establish test automation within three weeks.

Our Cooperation Models

Reckoning on the complexity of a project and industry specifics, our software quality assurance team gives the best software testing services produced by: 

Software Testing Teams

It perfectly fits complex software including SaaS, multi-module enterprise software, and a complete IT environment.

InfotonicsMedia brings forth self-managed testing units incorporating a test lead + test engineers. One testing team is assigned to work on an individual software module. The software testing team estimates and produces resilient results that are further computed up and down depending on the project requirements.

Enterprise resource and process management

Managed Software testing professionals

It perfectly fits software of medium complexity such as mobile apps, websites, etc.

Being recognized as the best in quality assurance & software testing services, we render trained testing specialists with interdisciplinary acquaintance in particular trades and testing specifics of certain software types like mobile apps, varied CRM types, and more. With more than ten years of quality assurance services expertise, we’re equipped to work autonomously and bring high-performance results.


Software Testing team augmentation

It perfectly fits various enterprises with competent software testing services and managers on global platforms.

We can expand your testing team with skilled performance software testing professionals under in-house QA administration. Following this process, you can reduce the gap for any technology, industry and regulate the competencies of your in-house QA team.

How We Guarantee Excellence?

We control quality at every step of the custom software development process, from functional specification to outlining and structure design. 

Practices and guidelines

Code review applications

Code property metrics

All types of software testing services:

We perform functional, unified, productive, useful, and security testing via our in-house excellent software testing services. 

Why do clients work with InfotonicsMedia?

At InfotonicsMedia, we take complete accountability for the ‘how-to’ project part. 

Together, we define the goal our clients want to accomplish:
We consider setting budget limits sincerely.
Consider deadlines as a priority.

Transparency in software testing by regular reporting

Keep track of the development of projects. 

Regular retrospections

Systematic revision of guidelines of the projects in terms of stated business needs, prevailing needs; probability of demands; the value we bring, and the greatest potential value.

Cultivating continuous improvement

Customized communication with every stakeholder

Get the best estimate for our software testing services

The Fixed Price
Best for Workability, PoC, and small software development projects that have clear and stable requirements.

You pay the price established by a contract.
Time & Material, Time & Material with a cap
Best for advisory activities, agile software development and implementation.

You receive the end-of-the-month invoice based on the ampere-hours or applications summarized per month.
Per-ticket price
Best for L1, L2 application support.
At the beginning of the agreement, we determine the ticket value and charge per the volume of events.
Fixed monthly price
Best for L3 application support. After delivering the service, you pay for a couple of hours, during which we’ve been implementing request support.

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