Simplify business with custom software solutions

Simplify business with custom software solutions

Simplify business with custom software solutions

Dynamic Software Development Solutions

We’ve inclinations to drive your business effectively. We build on the IT domain proficiency and industry expertise to devise viable custom software solutions. Get your custom software build and amplified by wizards to quicken your timeline for scalable software consulting services.

We are experts in building reliable and adaptable enterprise solutions that add substance to your  business. Our experienced team authorizes an  amalgam of cutting-edge technologies to deliver  future-proof cooperations to gain precise enterprise goals. Be it ERP, CMS, or CRM- get all classifications of custom software solutions that inspire business productivity.

Get the best digital transformation solutions with us

CRM Development

Our CRM services aim to automate marketing, sales, and customer service. With the umbrella CRM implementation, you can regain lost business opportunities through evolution.

Document Management

We guarantee to manage your complex data effortlessly with customized data management solutions coupled with foretelling analytics power and farsighted automation.


At Infotonics Media, our goal is to develop eLearning solutions like LS, LCMS, LXP, and other eLearning portals that help organizations reduce learning costs, boost learning capability and engagement.

Human Resources

We've gained mastery in creating software that streamlines human resources as personal tracking, payroll, benefits, recruiting, onboarding, learning, and more.

CMS Development

Managing digital content is a resilient task on a day-to- day basis. Get enterprise development solutions for CMS to create and manage your work easily.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management software provides perceptibility into vehicles' locations, specifications, fuel expenditure, and drivers' performance.

Supply Chain Management

We believe in operating on inventory management software that helps any business regulate inventory levels with the production demand, optimize inventory stocking costs, and external inventory-related risks.

Asset Management

Infotonics Media helps companies digitalize asset management to enhance ROA with tech-driven asset planning and optimization. It comprises solution layout, expansion, implementation, and assistance.

Kiosk Software

We design perfect Kiosk software to provide explicit customer service-related components. We endeavor to deliver distinguished user satisfaction at standardized service costs by proposing automated interaction.


Infotonics Media is proficient in designing custom ERP software development for building a scalable system. We offer to integrate universal business management roles and facilities that are data-driven.

Project Management

Our custom PM Software streamlines administrative determinations on projects and regulates collaboration between project managers,
team members and other,

Financial Management

With our automated billing system, you can create and mail invoices, track and concoct payments. The solution is helpful for companies with a diverse customer base, an extensive range of products/ services, and much more.

Data Analytics

Infotonics Media offers real
time data analytics services to assist businesses to transform
their raw data into actionable acumens.


We believe in assembling shopper's experiences with Digital Advancements and full-cycle development services as per the latest technologies, trends,
and tools.

Operation Management

With our exceptional OMS, you can design, proctor, and connect production or service operations, digitalize the daily workflows, identify and alleviate the operational process.

Marketing & Advertising

We offer 15 years of experience in marketing, software development to help businesses expand the performance of their grooving maneuvering in industries like Banking, retail, FMCG manufacturing, and media. We also plan and analyze ad campaigns across various multiple media channels

Web Portals

A web portal is a secure platform that provides a passage to varied functionalities and content through an easy-to-navigate annexation. It covers UX/UI design, web and mobile development, integrations, embedded analytics, testing, and support.

Infotonics Media gives you unmatched agility without compromising on experience.