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Our advertising & marketing software development services aim to help companies improve their marketing initiatives.

Mutually with your team, InfotonicsMedia analyzes your marketing strategies and enables them with the conventional software

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Proficiency across Industries

InfotonicsMedia shares 15 years of expertise in marketing development software. It ensures businesses in improving the performance of their channel approaches with respect to varied industries: 


FMCG manufacturing



Software That Attracts Markets

Trade promotion management software

Trade promotion management (TMP) applications support in achieving the best growth plan for your brand by: 

Advertising planning

We analyze and prepare ad campaigns across various media channels, including television, the internet, radio, print media, and out-of-home advertising.

We dedicatedly work to classify the best advertising strategies for your goals and combine all types of media into one plan. You can get comprehensive graphical reports obtained from high-level mathematical patterns on an individual platform. 

Marketing data analysis

We make more intelligent marketing decisions:

Loyalty software

We ensure trustworthy relationships with your clients by tracing and explaining what makes them pleased:

Real-time bidding in online advertisement

With the help of RTB systems or their core components, we create cost-effective and optimized ad campaigns:

Social marketing solutions

We produce marketing software development that helps you in transforming social networks into a customer procurement tool:

Development Architecture

Software Development

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HR administrative tasks

HR service management

Talent management

Labor management

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