Cloud Application Development Services

Our Cloud Application Development services signify building apps that operate in the cloud and may leverage cloud features and services offered by different cloud vendors. Infotonics Media, reliably delivering cloud-native and cloud-only apps for 5+ years and efficiently employing all cloud capabilities. 

Why Choose Infotonics Media as Your Java Development Partner?

Why Do Businesses Increasingly Opt for Cloud?

99 %
service availability
95 %
of enterprises undergo a notable rise in security
10 -50%
operating costs profits
3 -4x
the swift launch of new features

Explore the range of our Cloud Application Development Services

Infotonics Media caters to end-to-end services, including all features of cloud application implementation — cloud app consulting, cloud app development and testing, cloud app security services with different cloud and on-premises apps, cloud app infrastructure management


Cloud app planning

For corporate apps:

For products:

Business case

For products:

Cloud application development project planning

Cloud app structure design

Cloud app UX/UI design

For products:

Cloud application development

Cloud app QA & testing

Cloud app support and evolution

Are you looking to boost existing apps with cloud benefits?

Infotonics Media helps clients migrate their legacy applications to the cloud – doing it regularly and with the smallest interruption to the ongoing business methods.

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Scalable and portable apps

We break up an application into services and bring them together to help reduce downtimes created by application overload or migration.  

Changeable and compatible cloud apps

We leverage layered design, clear separation of concerns (SoC), regulated and well-documented APIs, etc., to create cloud apps that apply updates and mix with other applications. 

Flexible cloud apps

We use authorities of services, message braids, scaling, and automated retrieval, etc., to reduce the feasibility of app crashes. 

Reliable cloud apps

Cost-efficient cloud apps

We choose the right cloud services for minimized efforts, timelines, and prices to acquire and produce any cloud application.

Constant & steady Cloud Application Development

Cooperation flexibility

We do team augmentation with Java developers and designers. Self-managed Java teams. End-to-end Java project delivery.

A high level of automation

We automate software combination, trial, and deployment for the high quality of quick announcements.

Shift-left approach to testing

To enhance the efficiency of the testing process and overall software quality, we include test engineers' application requirements with developers in the software validation process.

Well-defined communication aims

Our PMs act as a bridge between business and teams to take the role of any individual feature of contact to make the projects run smoothly.

Domain knowledge

The domain information helps our expert software developers to understand business needs more profoundly, create better solutions to meet them, and reduce the edits.

Skilled developers

We promote skill upgrades among developers to solve problems faster and devise more efficient solutions. Designing a CI/CD pipeline for cloud deployment.

Are you delaying Cloud Application Development due to risks and expenses?

Infotonics Media offers highly established agile development processes with the latest software design patterns. We also do a high degree of automated cloud application development to assist safely, swiftly, and financially. 

The software we build


Artificial Intelligence


Internet of Things

Computer Vision

Augmented Reality

Big Data


Our Cloud Development Service Options

Cloud application development

Application migration to the cloud

Experience availability and scaling of Cloud Apps

Infotonics Media is willing to deliver a cloud application with high security, efficient performance, and operational perfection with optimized TCO. 

Opt for Risk-Free, Expert Java Development

Our Java experts obtain practical knowledge in 15+ industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, eCommerce, banking, and telecommunications, and advanced tech to address a set of needs compared to Java development:

Choose Your Service Option

Leverage expert Java skills

We satisfy the resource/skill passages of the in-house team with Java developers managed by you directly.  

Pick a dedicated Java team.

You can get a personalized team managed by our Team Lead to work on a Java project collaborating with your in-house team/other vendors. 

Hand over the Java project.

We take good care of the end-to-end Java project delivery. From project designing to program and app support – with full accountability for its quality and risk management. 

Why Choose Infotonics Media as Your Java Development Partner?

Pricing Options for Our Java Software Development Services


It is best for Java project utility study, PoC, small Java projects with definite and steady conditions. You pay the price settled by a contract.

Time & Material, Time & Material with a cap

It is best for advisory activities like business analysis, design, project planning, etc. We do agile Java app development and implementation, Java app evolution. You get the end-of-the-month invoice based on the hours or efforts reported per month.

Per-ticket pricing

It is best for L1, L2 Java application support. At the start of service, we determine the ticket price, and you get charged based on the events we solve regularly.

Fixed monthly fee

It is best for L3 Java application support. At the start of the service, we establish the hourly rate for Java app support activities. After delivering, you pay for a group of times during which we’ve been providing support.

Choose Quick and Experienced Java Development with Infotonics Media.

Get influenced by our expert Java techs for dependable, speedy, and financially perfect Java application development.