HR Software Development Solutions

At InfotonicsMedia, HR software development services aim at creating HR software that streamlines such Human Resources as employee tracking, payroll, privileges, hiring, onboarding, and more. 

We have 10+ years of experience in product development HR software And InfotonicsMedia master UX and UI design, QA, maintenance, and support services to create robust HR systems to help you improve competitiveness in the SaaS HR software development market and overcome product development expenses and uncertainties. 

Do you want to influence the market with a SaaS HR Software development ?

InfotonicsMedia experts are ready to help you launch a flourishing product with minimal expansion and fiscal perils.

Do you want to influence the market with a SaaS HR System?

Infotonics Media experts are ready to help you launch a flourishing product with minimal expansion and fiscal perils

The HR Software modules we develop at InfotonicsMedia

HR managerial tasks

HR service management

Expertise management

What features to add to your SaaS HR Product?

InfotonicsMedia has the expertise to assist you in determining an optimal feature set for your product, analyzing your target audience and funds. 

What Makes Infotonics Media a Reliable Development Partner

15+ years in software development.

10+ years in HR software development.

InfotonicsMedia Key Cooperation Principles


We provide full-cycle development for your custom HR software system, from creativity to development. 

Complete visibility

We provide daily reports, including KPIs as achieved traits, time spent per task, and workflow. We give you a permit to entire over the project and track the tasks. 

Reduced risks

We calculate your development process to find the most exemplary method to improve KPIs and overcome development risks. And to mitigate the financial risks, we conduct probability research before commencing a project.  

HR Software Development Services We Offer

Developing an HR system from scratch

Taking over HR product development

We will help you reduce development costs, minimize the risk of bugs in production and enhance your HR system’s metrics, such as:

Switching to the SaaS model

Procurement management

Supplier relationship management

We follow deadlines for HR Software Development Services

MVP development: 3-4 months.

MVP with an innovative element to improve competitiveness: 5-6 months.

Product releases every 2-6 weeks.

Minor changes and hotfixes: frequently in a day.

InfotonicsMedia Key Cooperation Principles

Capped Time and Material

We use it in the case of agile development to respond to user feedback and varying conditions. 

Fixed Price

We employ this format for the well-defined and constant project reach. Further, we divide the project to reduce risks into stages that are evaluated individually. 

Fixed Monthly Fee

We use it for mature SaaS HR software products in the maintenance form.

Start Developing Your HR Product Right Now

By choosing your HR software development to Infotonics Media, you can gain the following advantages as compared to in-house development: 

x 1.5 -2
Fast MVP development
15 +
Projects Still Going on during Pandemic
Projects delivered this year

Implementation Cost Factors

Infotonics Media considers the following elements while determining the value of supply chain management solutions:

How to reduce the cost of implementing SCM solution?

Not Sure What Features to Add to Your SaaS HR Product?

InfotonicsMedia’s experts will help you define an optimal feature set for your product, considering your target audience and budget.