Asset Management Software

Asset management software assists you in cataloguing and categorizing all of your company’s assets. It enables a smooth workflow in your day-to-day operations. Business assets can be real or digital, and InfotonicsMedia provides the best asset management software to handle them all, from tracking to management to disposal.

Asset tracking systems increase and simplify asset management, making it more productive, eliminating mistakes, lowering expenses, and many other benefits. InfotonicsMedia develops and implements high-quality asset management software solutions for enterprises of all sizes and sectors.

InfotonicsMedia offers an asset management software that provides comprehensive tools and capabilities in a single, web-based platform. Keep track of your company’s hardware and software inventory, which includes desktops, servers, laptops, mobile devices, networking equipment, and nearly any other type of technological asset. Having all of your asset data in one place allows for improved IT asset management and tracking of hardware, software, licences, ticket history, and non-IT assets.

Features in our Asset Management Software

Asset cataloguing

With this module in our asset management software, you can effectively catalogue all of your corporate assets, whether digital or physical assets and avoid losses in your organisation.

Asset transfer tracker

You can always keep track of the movement of your assets, including mobile phones and automobiles, with our asset management software, whether it is inter or intra-departmental.

Asset warranty tracker

With this feature in asset management software , you can easily manage your equipment warranty records and yearly maintenance records, as well as receive reminders for the same, and always stay one step ahead.

asset management software

Inventory management

With our inventory asset management software feature, you can control your inventory asset movements in real-time and never have to deal with issues like delayed replenishing or overstocking, to mention a few.

Asset value calculator

Always be informed of the value of your fixed assets by utilizing our depreciation module, which estimates the most correct value by taking into account important elements and providing reminders.

IT Asset Management

You can manage all of your IT assets with our asset management software industry-specific ITAM module, ensuring that your company’s workflow is easy and efficient.

Benefits of deploying an asset management software :

Complete reporting for efficient decision making

In-depth reporting enables informed asset decisions by providing the essential knowledge. Efficient asset management software gives real-time, comprehensive data that provides in-depth insights into assets and assists businesses in better managing their assets.

Real-Time asset data helps in tracking the lifestyle

Real-time tracking in our asset management software provides rapid choices about asset repair and replacement costs. The best asset tracking software allows for real-time monitoring of support, allowing you to keep track of the location and condition of your assets.

Mobile Compatibility for real-time updates

Field staff require a high level of mobility. Employees may utilize asset management software with mobile compatibility from anywhere and at any time, and it can deliver real-time updates on asset management operations completed by them.

Advanced Asset Maintenance Preparation

The process of formulating a plan of action for maintenance is known as maintenance planning. Effective maintenance planning entails developing a plan of action that covers all maintenance, repair, and construction operations.

Automatic Work Allotment

Manual work allocation is difficult and time-consuming. A programme for asset maintenance allows for the seamless allocation of functions among your personnel, saving you time and effort.

Easy-to-use Interface

Businesses want asset management software that is simple to use, with an intuitive dashboard and an easy-to-understand interface. It helps your personnel swiftly and efficiently navigate the programme and conduct the appropriate maintenance actions.

Asset Lifecycle Management

An asset management software should include capabilities for tracking your assets. Track the lifespan of your assets from acquisition to disposal. Lifecycle management helps you to make timely and well-informed decisions about your assets.

Why choose our Asset Management Software ?

We have domain expertise

Developing an effective asset management software may be impossible without first knowing the individual needs of various firms and their concerns and expectations. As a result, in order to create a market-winning solution, developers and designers must have a particular level of subject expertise. The InfotonicsMedia team can make the best decisions in terms of user interface and technology solutions based on their experience.

We create a robust system structure

Asset management software presents unique design and development challenges due to its complexity. The system structure must be able to amass large amounts of data while maintaining flawless performance at all business levels. This necessitates a careful selection of technology across all elements of the application, including front-end, back-end, cloud, DevOps, and others.

Our software guarantees the best user experience

Many businesses struggle to select the right asset management software. The trick, as with any other business software, is to select a solution that genuinely aids asset flow control, both for corporate leaders and people utilizing the tool on their own. The asset management software will fail to fulfil market expectations and will fall to rivals if it lacks an intuitive and smart product design.

Our software is compatible with other business tools

The way firms run digital platforms has evolved as a result of digital transformation. Instead of being implemented as a single product, new software is integrated into a broader, linked system. B2B software companies will face additional problems as a result of this. A well-developed asset management software should integrate and be compatible with the business tool stack.

Our help-desk interface is simple and user-friendly

Our asset management software minimizes help desk effort by allowing your end-users to report problems via a configurable self-service portal or by providing an email-to-ticket capability to a user group.

Our solution unifies your asset management efforts

With Unified Device Management and an integrated Help Desk, our asset management software platform streamlines the way you manage all of your IT assets. You’ll have everything in one place, accessible from any mobile or desktop browser.

Our software guarantees increased productivity

By using InfotonicsMedia Intelligent asset management software , you will cut operating expenses and achieve an ROI in a matter of months without interfering with user productivity.

Our software ensures that everybody is on the same page

Our asset management software may be shared with everyone in your business, from the boardroom to the stockroom. Our asset management software allows as many individuals as needed to access it. This means that your leaders can readily access reports, your managers can check asset history, and your front-line employees can manage assets while on the go.

The software offers a 360-picture at a glance

Our asset management software provides you with a complete perspective. You will no longer have to navigate through jumbled asset management spreadsheet records. You’ll be able to access entire action histories, warranty information, user manuals, and images all in one location with our unified asset monitoring software.

Our asset management software saves time

Our asset management software may be shared with everyone in your business, from the boardroom to the stockroom. Our asset management software allows as many individuals as needed to access it. This means that your leaders can readily access reports, your managers can check asset history, and your front-line employees can manage assets while on the go.

Our software is customizable as per your requirements

Our adaptable asset management software may be tailored to meet your asset management requirements. Your company, like your products, is one-of-a-kind. We recognise this issue, thus we created asset management software that can track anything and is very customizable to the way you now handle your equipment. We think that improved asset monitoring leads to greater company performance since it allows you to keep your goods in good condition, know where they should be, and avoid losses and damage.


What exactly is asset management & asset management software?

Asset management is the practice of maintaining and running assets in a cost-effective manner. A company must deploy asset management software for successful asset management so that decision-makers can make timely judgments and assess asset status. The asset tracking tool allows you to expand the client’s portfolio while also assessing risk factors and implementing strategic planning to keep the assets in good condition in the long term.


What process do you use to create asset management software ? And how can I keep tabs on its progress?

We use agile methodology, and once we begin working on your project, we will keep you inside the loop and constantly inform you on what is going on, due to our project management tactics that allow for smooth communication.

How much does it cost to create a custom asset management software solution?

We provide several engagement options based on the components of the asset management software system that you want.

What are some of the advantages of asset management software?

The following are the advantages of Asset Management Software:

How many asset records can asset management software manage?

The maintenance of asset records is entirely dependent on the software’s capabilities. With the aid of InfotonicsMedia asset management software , you may keep an unlimited number of asset records.

What does an Asset management software do?

Asset management software does the following tasks:

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