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InfotonicsMedia provides custom CRM development services that assist organizations with the development, installation, migration, and maintenance of their custom CRM development systems. If you are committed to growing and improving your customer interactions, we will apply our proven expertise and experience to create a completely configured CRM that is tailored to the characteristics of your niche and company needs. Our unique CRM systems will assist your company in increasing its productivity, gaining new customers while maintaining existing ones, improving ROI, organizing client-related processes, and more. As a consequence, you will have more insight into the intricacies of your client’s requirements, hence better outcomes and growth.


Outstanding Feature Options Our Custom CRM Development Services Provide:

Dynamic Kanban Board

As a part of our custom CRM development, get an aesthetically appealing and ‘easy as drag and drop’ facility with our intuitive and dynamic Kanban board. Facilitate better insights by having a Kanban view of your workflow across entities and processes.

Quotation Template

You can automate your quote generation process with the help of our quotation template feature provided by our custom CRM development services. Create full-fledged quotes with your name, products, and prices all on your own with ultimate convenience.

Pricelist Manager

Since it is custom CRM development, you can choose to include our CRM integrated price list management tool that helps you to create customized prices for individual customers or customer categories and offers analytics services to help sales teams determine the best pricing strategy and estimate the profitability of each sale, product line, customer category, etc.

Campaign Manager

Now take control of your marketing campaigns from your CRM system. Run and manage campaigns on multiple platforms, create a database, and set automatically triggered campaign activities to keep your customers engaged with our custom CRM development that designs products for your specific needs.

Lead Gathering

You may include this feature in custom CRM development to gather and collate your leads from multiple platforms like Facebook, AdWords, Justdial, and India Mart, all in one place. Stack them neatly, get your data organized, and have seamless navigation through your prospects, leads, and opportunities for better optimization of your leads.


Analyze the gigantic amount of data created, get to know your customer’s habits and interests, be abreast with the client status, and follow prospective customers by smartly generated data analyzed reports with this of our custom CRM development features.

Task Manager & Internal Communication

This custom CRM development feature helps you improve your team’s efficiency by better assigning and managing tasks utilizing follow-ups and reminders. Set up better communication channels digitally to resolve deadlocks and avoid communication gaps.

Custom CRM Development Services Offered by InfotonicsMedia:

Custom CRM Development

At InfotonicsMedia, we constantly take your company‘s demands and goals into account. That is why we provide custom CRM development solutions that are suited to the characteristics of your company. We may either tweak your current CRM to fit your new strategies or build a whole new CRM from start. Our custom CRM development strategies offer you exceptional analytical capabilities that can assist your company in developing precise plans to attract clients, advance marketing and sales, and boost product development.

Business Analysis

Our custom CRM development services involve a detailed examination of the particulars of your domain and company requirements. We examine your company objectives and process in order to recommend the finest customized CRM development functionality for you to cover and get the best outcomes. We make certain that you get the most out of your future CRM development.

Data Migration

If you’ve chosen to switch CRMs, InfotonicsMedia can assist you in performing a secure and efficient data migration. Our custom CRM development services involve transferring your data from your present CRM to the new one without data loss or any other negative influence on your business’s effectiveness. Furthermore, regardless of whatever system you use to capture your data, whether Excel or another, we can safely move it to the new custom CRM.

Custom CRM Development

System Integration

Our custom CRM development strategies entail integrating your CRM with secure internal and external systems. We guarantee that they work well together and that information flows safely and quickly between them. By connecting all of your systems, your team will become much more efficient in data management, as the system will automate all of the required procedures, from data collecting to analysis and forecasting.

User Adoption

Our custom CRM development services include user adoption strategies that are comprehensive. We think that developing user-friendly software based on our clients’ needs would surely enhance your company’s long-term success. We do all possible to create user-friendly and effective software, as well as to give the required training and support.

Helpdesk & Support

We are striving to exceed our clients’ expectations. As a result, we offer 24/7 assistance and stay in touch with clients to assist them with custom CRM development and modification. We address all of their difficulties and obstacles, as well as answer any questions they may have while utilizing the CRMs.

Why Pick InfotonicsMedia for Custom CRM Development?

We are result-oriented

The goal of a well-tailored CRM is to assist you in completely achieving your company objectives. So, while implementing a custom CRM development strategy, we have the correct goals in mind and we map out your target objectives onto an actual step-by-step plan. This map should be adaptable, allowing for revision along the route.

We concentrate on the client experience

Our custom CRM development services make it a point to prioritize clients.  Segmentation is provided by full-featured CRM systems, which may assist you in focusing on key objectives in client connections. Starting with an examination of your valued customer’s behaviour and progressing to metrics-based interactions and evaluating the possibilities of your company model.

We collaborate effectively

No matter how good your CRM is, it is useless without effective team collaboration. CRM is a great tool that manages large amounts of data, but it is part of an organization’s ecosystem, and correct interaction across departments is required when processing this data and extracting meaningful statistics. Our custom CRM development operates like your team is your most valuable asset in achieving your objectives.

CRM synchronization

A CRM system provides comprehensive information, but it can only be used to its full potential with synchronization options. Our custom CRM development ensures that third-party apps like calendars, messengers, sales and marketing tools, and so on provide automated tracking of all CRM transactions, ensuring that no essential data, reminder, or appointment is missed.

Increase the efficiency of your workflow

Customized CRM software assists your company in improving the quality of client engagement. Our custom CRM development services will significantly improve workflow efficiency and expand it across all of your digital activities.

We consider the larger picture

CRM software is a sophisticated tool for managing data and resources. Our custom CRM development services ensure that constant system assessment and improvement may assist you in gaining critical insights and clarifying the potential of your processes, performance, sales, and overall company prospects that are fuelled by analytics and metrics.

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What aspect do I consider while picking a custom CRM development company?

There are several firms offering custom CRM development services available on the market. Consider the following aspects while seeking pros to design the right CRM for you:

  • Portfolio – A portfolio or some custom CRM development sample projects are the greatest representation of the company’s expertise. Keep in mind that not every provider has a dedicated page on their website, so you may need to request some samples.

  • Reliability – This is easy to determine, usually, the longer a custom CRM development firm has been in business, the more reliable it is.

Why should you opt for custom CRM development services rather than buying ready-made ones?

  • Personalizationcustom CRM development enables businesses to add all of the tools and little details they want. It not only makes it easier to use, but it also improves performance.
  • Stabilitypre-packaged CRMs are designed for typical users. As a result, only a custom CRM development can guarantee complete stability for your workload and data quantity.

  • Opportunities – Buying a ready-made one restricts your ability to utilize it as is. Only custom CRM development allows for future upgrades, modifications, and scaling.
  • Cost-effectiveness  pre-built CRMs are typically supplied on a subscription basis. Custom ones are significantly more expensive initially, but they quickly pay for themselves and are more cost-effective in the long term.

Do you provide a cost approximation of the custom CRM development services one wishes to hire?

Custom CRM development takes far too many things into account. The disparity across projects might be enormous. As a result, custom CRM development services are unable to provide consumers with an estimated cost until all factors are known. Even seemingly insignificant elements might affect the pricing, especially when developing CRM for software firms.

As a result, it is preferable to be specific with your specifications, as this will provide you with a better picture of how much the task will cost. When contacting several providers and comparing their pricing, it is also helpful to have a list of specific criteria.

Do you also help organizations update an existing CRM?

Custom CRM development services, in most circumstances, do not function with current software. This is due to a variety of factors, including potential legal difficulties and the complexities of working with someone else’s code. There are several exceptions, like open-source CRMs. However, it is still ineffective and might cause several issues during the CRM software development process.

The good news is that all of the existing features and tools can be improved and incorporated into a bespoke one. That is, not only will the fundamentals of their job stay unchanged, but the performance and user-friendliness will be enhanced.

Can I trust custom CRM development companies with my sensitive data?

Any professional custom CRM development company would never ask for any personal information from you. The customer merely needs to specify the features they want in their CRM. The more components and features of the company’s workflow that are detailed, the more accurately the CRM will meet its requirements. Again, just the work concepts are required, not the data itself.

Also, keep in mind that professional services will always be happy to offer you any legal information you require. It eliminates the risk of fraud and provides the highest possible quality of work.

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