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We revolutionise your business by developing cutting-edge digital solutions as custom web development, custom software development , app development. Begin today and let us assist you in harnessing the power of emerging technology.

With 15 years of quality experience in serving the software development market, InfotonicsMedia has today earned the reputation of a leading it consulting firm and software development company in India that is provisioning software and digital solutions to clients globally.

Up until today, the software development company have served 2500 clients globally and have provisioned digital solutions for coveted business names like Manchester United Clothing, Wipro, magic bricks, BAJAJ, India MART, Moti Mahal Deluxe, Haryana Police, etc.


India’s most competitive software development company , InfotonicsMedia has a set of professionals that are specialists in creating and developing technology products that assist your organization streamline procedures and create income, with over 15 years of experience building 100+ software platforms. We create custom software solutions that are suited to your unique use case, budget, and timetable.

it consulting services

Software Consultation Services

Before offering you a wide selection of software solutions, our software development company experts obtain a thorough understanding of your concept, target consumers & monetization.

Custom Software Development Services

By focusing on producing safe, scalable, and client-centric software products, our company experts translate client needs into a custom software

Enterprise Software Development Services

Our software development company help businesses increase their agility and efficiency by developing cutting-edge mobile and online software solutions and software consulting

Application Services

InfotonicsMedia as a software development company offer a broad set of services centred on the creation and upkeep of custom business applications.

Team Extension

Extend your team with our software development professionals and adhere to the appropriate development processes, procedures, and work culture.

Maintenance and Support Services

Our company support and maintenance options reduce problems and increase efficiency.

UI/UX Designing Services

Our software development company designers can provide a clear design process for your software development products that will help users engage.

Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Our company employs a variety of quality assurance testing methods, including as functionality, security, performance, and code quality.

Digital Transformation

Our company assists you in achieving enterprise-wide digital transformation by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) .
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Industry-wise Software Development
Services in India


The software development company implements  manufacturing software to assist accelerate existing processes and reduce operational expenses:

Retail & E-Commerce

Our Company creates retail and e-commerce software systems that automate business operations and improve consumer purchasing experiences:


Our software development company creates software for the health-care industry that automates activities such as patient management, lab management, test result processing, and data collection.


The FinTech software development team from our software development company assists financial institutions in successfully managing their day-to-day operations

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Connect with us to bring innovative technology revolutions to drive your digital success. At InfotonicsMedia, we believe in walking with the client to build a future-fit custom software development solution.

InfotonicsMedia in brief

Travel & Hospitality

Our company gives unique software solutions assist the hospitality industry in streamlining the traveller‘s experience and extending the comfort of their services:


Our software development company creates cutting-edge logistics software development products that help to sleek the supply chain, provide excellent customer service & improve warehouse efficiency:

Start-Up Product Development

Our company assists start-ups in launching effective software applications in order to prove their concepts and deliver a marketable solution:

On-Demand App Development

Our software development company creates on-demand service apps for a variety of businesses that help boost brand visibility in the market:

Software Development Engagement Models We Provide

A Committed Development Team

The software development team provided by our software development company is highly qualified and committed to providing clients with high-quality development services.

Team Extension

Our team extension concept is designed to assist clients who want to augment their team with the necessary knowledge for their project.

Project Based Model

Our software company project-based methodology and software development expertise are available for customer collaboration and engagement in individual client projects.

Software Development Technologies We Deploy



Project Management

Mobile App Development





InfotonicsMedia is Redefining the way of achieving success

Software Development Technologies We Support


The software development company can automate your operations and create the highest level of security by utilizing our own blockchain development technologies.


The software development company helps you optimize important operations, improve decision making, and increase predictive maintenance with our secure IoT solutions.

Software Development Stages

The Software Development Life Cycle is the foundation of all software development company processes, and it includes tasks such as estimated budget, requirement gathering, documentation creation, design and development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. It is divided into seven stages:


During the planning stage, a team of developers from the software development company establishes project goals and creates a high-level blueprint for the desired project. It is the most basic phase, which basically consists of three steps: feasibility assessment, project plan creation, and system identification for development.


During this phase, the software development team and client examine end-user business requirements and translate project goals into the system that the organization want to build. The following three activities comprise the analysis phase. Performing a Detailed Analysis, Gathering Business Requirements, and Creating Process Diagrams.


The design phase describes the desired features and functionalities of a software programme. This SDLC level comprises business rules, screen layouts, pseudo-code, and other documents specifying the software components. The following actions are typically included in the design phase: Designing IT Infrastructure, System Models, Technical Designs, User Interfaces, and Marvel Prototypes


All of the previous phases are translated into the actual working system during the software development phase. A software development company professional creates the coding and backend of a software programme. The development phase consists of two basic activities: Development of IT infrastructure, code, and databases.


During the SDLC testing step, all code elements are merged and hosted in the testing environment. To test the system’s functionality, testers from the software development company look for flaws, defects, and errors. The testing phase entails: Test Case Development, Test Case Execution.


The system is brought into the real-world environment during this phase, and the user begins operating the system. During the deployment step by software development company , all data and components are placed in the production environment. This level of SDLC is also known as delivery.

Promises of our software development services:

Top-notch design

InfotonicsMedia as a software development company delivers exceptional website designing services that are top-notch in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and interactivity.

Latest Tech Deployed

To be the pioneer in providing the latest technology-powered solutions in the market. Initially only, the software development company was supporting 2000 open-source software and was involved in 100+ technology applications.

Robust Service Support

The software company has set up a prompt and prolific service support mechanism in place which functions round-the-clock to always cater to customers’ concerns and demands.

Client-centric approach

The software company have always been heedful of clients’ apprehensions and delivered them with modifications and adjustments as they sought. The approach resulted in it earning 1500 plus satisfied clients across the globe.

Enhanced automation

The software development company aims for increased deployment of automation to achieve the objects of reduced time, saved costs, enhanced efficiency, and increased returns on incurred investments.

Domain Expertise

To accommodate domain insights in the course of developing a particular solution so that the products your chosen software development company develop hold utility and seamlessly merge into the functioning of an organization and we did it by engaging a team of industry experts for the duration of the project.

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