Dynamic Solution to help scale your travel business exponentially

InfotonicsMedia helps travel agencies and corporations in travel businesses to get a fully customized solution with all the features that their business needs. From ticket booking to hotel reservation to taxi rental, get your customers a one-stop solution for all the services that they need for their travel and tourism purposes. We design travel portal and dynamic travel portal development that let your customers seamlessly navigate through and choose from the different services you provide.

Hallmarks of our travel Portal development Services:

Agile Development

We will produce continuous versions to provide you with comprehensive visibility of your online hotel booking engine development project as it advances. Our collaborative approach will enable you to submit feedback at the end of each phase of the project, ensuring that the project meets your expectations.

Multiple testing & QA stages

Working in test settings allows us to check that constructions are effective and safe during the development phase. If an application is deployed, we use our integrated analysis to closely monitor it in order to sustain and develop the product as it moves through the following phases.

Multi-Domain experts

We have extensive experience collaborating with agencies, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and brands worldwide. We have vast experience working with key players in the mobile, internet, and corporate space, which has allowed us to develop knowledge across the whole mobile ecosystem.

Team of Technology experts

We have a development team that specializes in a wide range of B2B, B2C portal development techniques. We cover everything from native solutions to cross-platform solutions and web technologies, including server-side expansion.

Why InfotonicsMedia is your ideal partner?

Timely Delivery

You do not lose business owing to any delays in project completion. We at IM ensure to give you a time-bound delivery so you can proceed with your original business plans.

No false commitments

We deliver what we commit. As per the professional ethos the company swears by, we communicate with clients the exact state of affairs of the project and do not make any false commitments.

Appropriate costing

We have a standard costing system that is set so as to provide the fledgling travel venture companies who have constraints in budgeting to be able to effectively digitize their working ecosystem.

Customized Solutions

We deliver as per the demands and requirements of the company. Companies suggest their requirements as they are best equipped with what their target audience demands. We devise solutions to deliver the acute digital solution to the problem in question.

Prolonged Service Support

InfotonicsMedia intends to stay with you long after the delivery of the project. We ensure that you are able to fully integrate our solution into your existing IT infrastructure and your folks are well-versed in its operation.

Solutions types you can integrate into your travel portal

Ticket booking Engine

InfotonicsMedia provides design and software development for travel agencies that sell tickets online. We at IM have many years of experience working on an online ticket reservation system that allows visitors to book tickets for trips, tours, travel, and events.

Vehicle Renting Solution

We can help you build and integrate vehicle renting software. Get your own car/taxi rental solution to enhance your travel business and popularity. We have significant experience in developing fully functional online car/taxi booking portals with taxi rental companies based in India.

Hotel Booking Software

Infotonics Media offers the best hotel booking software with the key role of Hotel Extranet, OTH, Hotel XML IN, Hotel XML Out and Hotel Channel Manager for hotels to automate day-to-day hotel management operations and maximize revenues.

Travel Planner

We assist you in developing a solution that allows your customers to easily plan their vacation using the itinerary generator. Our solution assists customers to discover things to do or explore during their journey to make it more memorable, from providing push notifications to location-based suggestions.

Benefits of Travel Portal Development to Your Business

FAQs: A guide to Travel Portal Development

How much do IT vendors charge for Travel Portal Development?

The cost of portal development depends on numerous factors such as the development model, software complexity, features to integrate, third-party integrations, UI/UX level, and more. To inquire about the charges for portal development, leave a quote request at the selected vendor’s access point.

What is the expected duration of a Travel Portal Development project delivery?

Usually, the vendor gives an estimated timeline regarding the steps between development and delivery. The usual practice is to deliver the prototype in 2-4 weeks. IM delivers the end product in a record turn around time with no compromise on the quality.

How long does the company provide support services after the deployment?

A reliable service provider ensures the full integration of the solution & also takes care of employee training. Usually, a vendor stays with the company for a period of 1-3 months but may vary and the support period specifically finds its mention in the project contract.

Do Service providers give a demo of their services?

Yes, you can by right ask for the samples and previous projects your vendor has worked on. This way, you can gauge the quality of his deliveries. Also, you can look for reviews by previous clients on various platforms or check testimonials & project-related information on the provider’s own website.

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