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We’ve got an oriented team of software developers to work regularly and harmonize with the industry-driven experience and knowledge.  We also offer an unbreakable foundation to build up agile custom software applications that provide exclusive results, customized QA practices that fulfil specific business needs, time, and budget.

You can attain a competitive edge for novel and complex business requirements with Infotonics Media. Join our competencies to develop reliable and agile custom software models that accelerate your journey digitally.

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Custom Software Development.
Custom Software Development.
We plan tailored software solutions for you to achieve operational excellence and deliver them swiftly with zero errors.
Software product development
Software product development
We believe in helping start-ups, ISVs envision selling SaaS, mobile, and desktop products.
Permanent space
Development team augmentation
Development team augmentation
At Infotonics Media, we have in-house developers for the back-end (Java, Python, Go, PHP, Node.js, etc.), front-end, and mobile.
Private amenities
Maintenance of existing software
Maintenance of existing software
We provide 24*7*364 assistance to the employees and customers, continuous software performance monitoring.
Permanent space
Software Development

Software development outsourcing stats

of Fortune 500 companies outsource software development.

Software Types we develop

Here you can find the most popular categories and types of software we deliver.       

Enterprises Applications

CRM (Sales / Operational)

E-Commerce, Multi Vendor

BI and KPI Solutions

Web Portal Development

Collaborative Work Solutions

Mobile App Development

IT Service Management

Our Software Development Highlights

For enterprises and

To deliver value to you, we study your business’ software needs, plan, architect UX/UI design, analyse & supply MVP version within 1-2 months following agile software development methodology.

For software product companies

Even after the deployment, you enjoy our continuous monitoring, evaluation & evolution, and result-oriented modification support based on regular reviews and feedbacks.

Software Development Methodologies We Apply

Agile- It is a repetitive approach that emphasizes collaboration and continuous improvement. Applying Agile practices improves the effectiveness of software, teams, and businesses.

Scrum– In Scrum practices, software development model takes to progress in Sprints. It works on sprint planning meetings, daily stand-ups, review, retrospective, backlog refinement, etc. 

Kanban– While following Kanban practices, the work is done in brief sprints, often daily, there are meetings held to explain growth and inclinations. It includes explicit representation of all project activities, responsible persons, and progress. 

Linear- It works on a sequential approach in which the upcoming slab of work gets completed when the previous one is finished and accepted by the stakeholders. 

Waterfall- The Waterfall process can be employed to process small and mid-size projects that precisely define requirements. It also works on projects demanding lawful permissions for government and big corporation’s projects. 

Technologies we use

Infotonics Media works with modern techs and design models to make an optimal decision for every project in terms of improvement and support costs, application performance, safety, flexibility, and more. We’re experts in resolving standard techs to optimize your excellent software as the best software development team.

Enterprise resource and process management

We deliver successful projects to various industries.

Infotonics Media, as a custom software development company, provides products for different businesses, software product companies, and startups globally. We have an eye on precise business requirements and relevant industry inclinations. 

How We Guarantee Excellence?

We control quality at every step of the custom software development process, from functional specification to outlining and structure design. 

Practices and guidelines

Code review applications

Code property metrics

All types of testing:

We perform functional, unified, productive, useful, and security testing via our in-house excellent software testing services. 

Why do clients work with Infotonics Media?

AT Infotonics Media, we take complete accountability for the ‘how-to’ project part. 

Together, we define the goal our clients want to accomplish:

We consider setting budget limits sincerely.

Consider deadlines as a priority.

Transparency in services by regular reporting

Keep track of the development of projects. 

Regular retrospections

Systematic revision of guidelines of the projects in terms of stated business needs, prevailing needs; probability of demands; the value we bring, and the greatest potential value.

Cultivating continuous improvement

Customized communication with every stakeholder

Get the best estimate for our services

The Fixed Price

Best for Workability, PoC, and small software development projects that have clear and stable requirements.

You pay the price established by a contract.

Time & Material, Time & Material with a cap

Best for advisory activities, agile software development and implementation.

You receive the end-of-the-month invoice based on the ampere-hours or applications summarized per month.

Per-ticket price

Best for L1, L2 application support.
At the beginning of the agreement, we determine the ticket value and charge per the volume of events.

Fixed monthly price

Best for L3 application support. After delivering the service, you pay for a couple of hours, during which we’ve been implementing request support.

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