‘Microsoft Edge’ aims to provide an edge in games search on home screen

‘Microsoft Edge’ aims to provide an edge in games search on home screen

Microsoft Edge is adding features to its home screen. This is not going to enhance or affect the performance of games on the browser in any way. The new feature will just work as an instant games search tool. It will prod the search engine to collate and surface the results for games. Clicking on the results of the game will directly launch the games from the MSN games website. The feature will be entirely optional and can be disabled by clicking the setting options from the menu.

Edge is a browser by Microsoft that replaced Internet Explorer for Windows. It is by far lagging behind its rivals as google chrome and Mozilla Firefox in terms of user reach. The new addition, of the game panel, is just one of Microsoft’s many attempts to make its browser more user-friendly and expand its users. The feature can serve as a great utility for website gamers who frequently use the browser to surf various game websites. Now, the browser will automatically direct them to game results. The new feature will, in effect, be available for select users initially as the rollout is still being tested.

Microsoft is also upgrading its high-function feature called web capture. Web capture allows for users to take screenshots of certain documents which were earlier not supported for screengrab by the browser. You can either capture the entire webpage or select a portion of it. All kinds of content visibly on the screen can be snapped using the function.

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