CRM Services to Improve Customer Relationship Management Results

Our CRM services are focused to offer perfect automated marketing, sales, and customer services. It ranges from CRM consulting and implementation to testing and support of a CRM solution.

Infotonics Media assists businesses in minimizing marketing, sales, and customer service expenses for 15 years. We provide comprehensive CRM implementation and recover fallen sales opportunities through the development of the current CRM.

CRM Efforts Don’t Pay Off Enough?

You can decrease the costs and enhance the results of customer procurement and maintenance with Infotonics Media customer management software services..

Development Architecture

UI and UX Design

Why turn to Infotonics Media

CRM Efforts Don’t Pay Off Enough?

InfotonicsMedia’s experts will help you define an optimal feature set for your product, considering your target audience and budget.

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The method of CRM consulting

From the design of marketing, sales, and customer service digital process, we offer consultation until the project gains progress.


CRM Implementation

End-to-end CRM implementation, leveraging the skills of market-leading CRM. We combine the intact project reach, including consulting, arrangement, customization, and synthesis.


CRM Testing

Infotonics Media offers functionality, unification, administration, usability, and safety testing. We provide testing services aiming the insights into your CRM functioning and classifying the methods to improve your present solution.


CRM project consulting

We make the strategy for your CRM implementation, renewal, journey, or stabilization.


Custom CRM Development

We do custom CRM development from scratch. Business analysis, an end-to-end progressive evolution of CRM software, trial, and quality support, risk and change management, data migration from legacy CRM. We also do the advancement of custom apps and add-ons for individual platform-based CRM.


CRM Support and Evolution

We provide administration maintenance, including regular data administration, 24/7 CRM system monitoring, monthly system health checks, and user help desk. In conclusion, we offer a stable and operative CRM matching your developing business requirements.

Our Competencies and Skills

InfotonicsMedia’s experts have a wide range of tech competencies, including:

Case Study

Development of an HR Management System for an IT Company
A SharePoint-based HR management product helps enterprises store and share employee-related information.
Employee Performance Management Software Development
A system that contains forms to set employee performance goals, questionnaires for employees to assess each other's performance, and performance improvement plans for managers.
Development of a Time Tracking and Reporting Tool
A time tracking and reporting tool that enabled simple data entry and provided detailed and accurate reports just in a few clicks.
Development of a Vacation Chatbot for a SharePoint Intranet
An intelligent vacation chatbot that helps employees to check up and book vacations right on their SharePoint intranet homepage, as well as via desktop and mobile messengers.
SaaS ERP Modernization for a European Enterprise Software Provider
ScienceSoft’s team revamped a SaaS ERP system, including the development of two modules for tracking and sharing resources, which made the system flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of the growing number of companies across various industries.

Our Customer Say

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe

Services We Offer

Developing From Scratch

With 15-year of experience in handling information security, we apply certified security management disciplines. We serve to accomplish the strong camouflage of the companies applicability and network screenings...

Taking Over Development

With 15-year of experience in handling information security, we apply certified security management disciplines. We serve to accomplish the strong camouflage of the companies applicability and network screenings...

Sopport To SaaS

Ask us for dependable and scalable software product development solutions for any browser, OS, and device. We collectively bring together extensive industry aptitude and the latest IT improvements...

Can CRM bring profits to my business?

We guarantee to offer a complete payback of your customer relationship management solution in ten months from the day it goes live. And we can deliver these outcomes through: 

Pricing Models

Capped Time and Material

Used in case of agile iterative development to react to user feedback and changing requirements.

Fixed Price

Used in case of a well-defined and stable project scope. To reduce risks, the project can be divided into phases that are estimated separately.

Fixed Monthly Fee

Used for mature SaaS HR products in the support mode.

Why get Custom CRM Services?

The competitiveness never ends, and the protected and enthusiastic ones are the champions of this market. With the help of CRM-based automated services, you may manage these encounters positively, delivering the following outcomes: 

+ 38 %
Lead volume
+ 60 %
Lead conversion rate
+ 25 %
Customer win rate
+ 28 %
Customer retention

10% discount

for early registration

Time for CRM-based Automation!

It is the time to earn significant profits with CRM-augmented sales, marketing, and customer service.