Single touch-point to manage all travel agency operations

InfotonicsMedia high-end travel Management Software development Solution can manage a variety of duties, including booking hotels and flights, managing the travel itineraries of all travelling team members, and tracking travel expenses.

They can be integrated with online booking technology and online travel management software to assist travel agents, tour operators, destination management organizations, and travel agencies in effectively responding to the needs of their consumers.

They will assist you to obtain a better understanding of your clients’ requirements, allowing you to devise and develop promotional strategies that meet their needs and aid in your business growth.

Features of a Travel Management Software


We offer advanced integration that allows us to integrate multiple booking solutions on one platform view and adjust bookings made with your selected online booking tool via other channels when needed.

Ticket Booking Solution

Our Ticket Booking App allows you to plan your trip without any hassles. An individual page view provides an easy, quick, and effective booking flow, with options for location and date exploration, seat reservation, and add-on services, among other things.

Hotel Booking Solution

We have a travel management software development team that specializes in a wide range of hotel booking engine solutions. We cover everything from native solutions to cross-platform solutions and web technologies, including server-side expansion.

Vehicle (Taxi/Bus) Booking

With our corporate travel management software solutions, you can turn near real-time data from your organization into actionable insights to optimize your travel program. We’ll assist you with consolidating all of your data from around the world into one location, giving you complete insight throughout your whole travel program.

Other Integrated Features

Travel Planning Solution

We assist you in developing a travel management software that allows your customers to easily plan their vacation using the itinerary generator. Our travel app development solutions assist customers to discover things to do or explore during their journey to make it more pleasurable & memorable, from providing push notifications to location-based suggestions.

Travel Guide Solution

We have a team of qualified travel app developers who can create a sophisticated ticket booking system for your platform that allows customers to book their tickets smoothly, minimizing your staff workload and avoiding any potential errors during ticket booking.

Check-in and Boarding Solution

We are an emerging market leader in this industry, providing kiosk check-in and boarding solutions, mobile and web check-in, and counter travel management software solutions based on consumer needs.

Corporate Travel Planning

We provide completely integrated expense & travel management software that enables corporate staff to plan and manage their travels. Our one platform supports the business travel tools your travellers require to book within your program—online, mobile, and through travel counsellors.

AI-Generated Messages

The robust web-based travel management software system enables you to configure messages based on specific characteristics in your employees’ travel plans to support travel policy compliance, inform travellers of security problems, alert them to disruptions, and much more.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

With our corporate travel management software solutions, you can turn near real-time data from your organization into actionable insights to optimize your travel program. We’ll assist you with consolidating all of your data from around the world into one location, giving you complete insight throughout your whole travel program.

Key benefits of a Travel Management Software for your Travel Agency:

Centralized Operations

When all of your company processes are housed in a single piece of software, operational efficiency skyrockets. Because both core operations like sales pitching and top-level tasks like oversight can be done through a single interface, your organization can achieve more success.

Administrative Oversight

You can handle day-to-day business operations and other critical metrics used in long-term business evaluation more effectively with a specialized system when all information on business duties, from clients to new leads, market offerings to employee performance, is stored in one platform. It also aids in reporting, which will automatically improve your decision-making process.

Rapid Business Growth

You can have all of the technology assets you need to reach your long-term business goals if you use the correct travel management software effectively. Companies who invest in this type of software assure that they will not need to make extra technological investments as their firm grows.

Feedback analysis

Using client input to improve your business operations via a CRM or other similar software can be extremely beneficial. It can keep track of important performance indicators and concerns. This also aids in the development of the company’s financial positioning in the market.

Data Security & Privacy Protection

You need strong encryption and cybersecurity protocols on your database as a business. Without this, your clients’ important information, such as credit cards and other banking information, may be jeopardized. If your data security is hacked, you may expect a large number of clients to reject your offers the following time around.

Lead Management and sales tracking

Converting leads into an actual business is an important part of running a successful travel agency. You will miss out on market opportunities if you do not have the correct sales software. Now, the top sales tools will not only process leads but will also allow for oversight. This will assist you in developing a stronger sales plan and efficiently tapping into the market.

Client Management

The majority of your business in the travel sector should come from repeat customers. This is most efficiently accomplished through client profile management. Your sales executives will be able to sell your trip packages much more effectively if they can rely on a client management program that offers service bundles based on their preferences.

Streamlined Operations

Using a sophisticated CRM solution will assist your firm in exceeding its sales targets and improving overall business operation efficiency more than ever before. Streamlining duties between distinct processes, such as client account management and sales, will aid in improving overall performance.

Employee Appraisals

Quarterly or biannual appraisals assist employees to understand how they may increase sales, and travel management software with review options can be extremely beneficial. This will assist your organization in adopting a merit-based sales approach, which will aid in both employee and corporate success.


You can improve your business processes by using the report generation tools in your program. The reports might cover any part of the company. However, this is heavily dependent on the timeframe used to compile the report. This is a huge help as you work to enhance your company processes and identify operational redundancies.

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