IT Services and Consulting Services

We aim our Managed IT services at giving the best IT solution to a third-party services provider, which carries accountability to assure high performance and suitable development of your IT ecosystem and processes within it.

Managed IT services by InfotonicsMedia backed with 12 years of experience in ITSM span ensures the all-over support for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures and includes consulting and migration services for proactive IT development.

IT Infrastructure components our managed IT services tackle

Components of our managed IT services

Proactive infrastructure monitoring

IT infrastructure analysis

Development infrastructures

Why choose InfotonicsMedia For IT Services?

Your Questions about Managed Services Answered

How do I know how to reduce IT infrastructure costs?

We believe in understanding the comprehensive status of your IT foundation to see the potential for its development and analyze the TCO of your IT infrastructure managed by InfotonicsMedia.

InfotonicsMedia adheres to stringent safety procedures and utilizes in-house security management systems assuring 24*7*364 defense monitoring to obstruct undesired passage and ransomware warnings to save sensitive data.

How can a managed service provider guarantee against premature service termination?

Our contracts provide an abundant development phase so that no potential unexpected terminus may happen. As a practice, we present distributed assistance to customers for several years.

Our IT Services Packages

The Basic

The Extended

Extended Plus

How much will it services cost?

We provide customizable sets of managed IT services (the client can pick any components and services) with adjustable prices.​​ The agreement fee for managed IT services includes the following factors: 

We will be happy to offer the best evaluation for you.

What Managed IT services bring to our customers?

Opting for a managed it services provider assists in maintaining and proactively improving your IT infrastructure. It is a reasonable step to get substantial profits quickly. Let the figures talk

Send us a request for a customized plan.

Experts at InfotonicsMedia are willing to analyze your IT needs with a tailored managed services offers. 

Our Premier Testing Service Options

Single Round Testing

E.g., approval testing, and release testing. It is a one-time set of manual software testing enterprises to guarantee that your software obeys its specifications and is available to go live.

Continuous Testing During Software Development

It incorporates functional, integrated, and rapport testing. Perform QA on new roles, investigate, and apply backward testing that goes sideways with custom software development.

Continuous Testing During Software Support & Maintenance

It includes analytic, regressive, and testing distinct custom software features to assure your app's scope and flawless functioning during its development.

Other Software QA Services We offer At InfotonicsMedia.

QA consulting

Being recognized as the best software quality assurance providers, we nourished up by 15 years as software testing and QA consultancy, and here we’re ready to deliver: 

Software quality assessment-

Are you willing to ensure that the given solution assent with industry-specific criteria or determine whether to support a traditional software or create or buy a new solution? InfotonicsMedia can provide most impactful QA and testing to perform software quality audit or assess the software code quality.

Get Crystal-clear & Result-oriented testing services.

InfotonicsMedia gives affordable and time-effective flexible quality assurance and testing services that ensure software availability, constant functioning, cybersecurity, scalability, and security. Having years of experience, our software testing services company assures overall data security to clients. You can briefly describe your testing and QA requirements, and our team will get back to you.