Vijay Lakshmi Transport Services:

The vision of building up an organization on string fundamentals of integrity, infrastructure, capacity, financial soundness has helped the organization record an impressive growth rate. They provide huge infrastructure of Warehouses, Truck Fleet, well trained work force and edge in Information Technology.


Client’s Profile:

The client, Vijay Lakshmi Group offers a wide range of services under one roof, with a large infrastructure of warehouses, a truck fleet, a well-trained workforce, and, most significantly, a competitive advantage in information technology. This is an Indian Banks Association authorized entity. They reconcile the transportation demands of the society by combining the benefits of both traditional transportation and new logistic solutions. The organization’s aim is to record an impressive growth rate built on infrastructure, capacity and financial soundness.

Description of Project:

The client wanted to answer their problem of decreasing employee efficiency and maintain better customer relationships by effective grievance redressal. He wanted a digital management system that would; aid in the maintenance of stronger relationships and activities with their consumers, have activities and task management that enables personnel to follow up with clients at the appropriate moment, have team communication that supports employees in assisting one another, personnel monitoring assists in tracking field executives and assists in correct field assignment, resulting in a threefold boost in production. it also aids in the detection of fake field visit reports submitted by field executives, marketing data analysis aids in the development of better marketing strategies and the generation of more income.


The client’s business is steadily expanding, and they want to continue optimizing their operations as they expand. Given the nature of their operation, which required them to store, distribute, and transfer facilities on a daily basis. As a result, it is unavoidable that they must respond to a never-ending stream of questions on a regular basis. Despite wanting to grow its customer service activities, the client wanted to keep costs down while permitting the following: consistently outstanding client service, ensuring that support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, support is hassle-free.


Our digital transformation professionals created a workforce management CRM to meet the client’s specific requirements. We created a number of cutting-edge features to help them manage their transport & logistics firm more effectively. We digitally altered their whole company process, from query handling process, to raising ticket to employee communication to employee performance analysis. Our developed functionalities include; employee activity management and remainders for meetings, follow-up, phone calls, emails, and so on, employee monitoring, employee attendance and field visit tracking, management and evaluation of marketing campaigns, tracking opportunities for revenue estimation, communication and team management, marketing evaluations and reports, employee performance analysis and reporting tools.


Vijay Lakshmi Transport Services now uses our comprehensive Workforce Management System. The solution provides with a centralized planning and forecasting hub, allowing the organization to schedule activities for its 700 customer service employees across both its contact center front- and back-office operations.