Daffodil Software

Collaboration with Daffodils Software for re-engineering, feature enhancement and formulating market strategy so as to boost the market sales of their ERP suite for manufacturers and educational institutions.

Client’s Profile

Daffodil is a trusted software product engineering partner to 100+ dynamic organizations across the globe. They innovate with the latest technologies, and design approaches to build cutting edge software products. Daffodil’s software development capabilities are recognized in reports by leading research analysts. They featured as Aspirants in Software Product Engineering Services Assessment 2021 by Everest Group &Emerging Niche Player under ER&D services, S&M service providers, Artificial Intelligence, digital engineering services, consumer software by Zinnov Zones in 2020. Their high-profile clients include Asian Paints, APOLLO 24*7, acko, lybrate, olx cash my car, lenskart, etc.

Description of Project

The product was Applane, a SaaS-based ERP platform for educational institutions and service-based businesses. Applane’s education suite includes 16 fully connected modules that automate nearly every procedure, including admissions, examinations, and fee collecting, to mention a few. The Applane platform is built on the most modern and powerful technological stack, known as the MEAN stack, which allows for 10x faster product evolution and customization. Applane’s ERP suite was targeted at assisting firms in areas such as E-Commerce, Software, Logistics, and Manufacturing, among others, in automating their operations and increasing efficiency and profits.



We started with setting objectives, understanding our customers’ purpose and pain points, and, most crucially, identifying what isn’t currently working so we can course-correct as early steps.

This assisted us in determining where we might edit, optimize, and enhance the product and do the required feature addition or enhancement to upgrade it.

We discuss the specifics of how we tackled the challenge in this article. We followed the following steps in resolving the low-adoption conundrum of the Applane ERP suite :


As a success of our efforts, the company was approached by most of the schools of Dwarka (New Delhi) for the implementation of Applane’s education suite. The schools included some of the big names as Delhi Public School. It is currently being utilized effectively in over 400 schools and universities across the country, with hundreds more deployments planned within the next year.