Cross-Platform mobile app development

InfotonicsMedia offers specialized cross-platform mobile app development services to assist your company reach a bigger audience across platforms and mobile devices. Our professional mobile developers create intuitive and feature-rich mobile applications that are tailored to your company’s needs, allowing you to expand your market and get a better return on your investment.

We’ve helped companies all around the world create the best customer experiences across all user devices, in a variety of industries. We cannot only achieve operational excellence across all of your mobile channels by working together, but we can also improve user engagement, reduce turn around time, and save a lot of money. If this seems appealing to you, please contact us.

Get ready to win with your Mobile App Development

Trust on InfotonicsMedia 15+ years’ experience in cross-platform mobile app development creates a knockout product or a powerful mobile solution.

Why InfotonicsMedia?

Why choose our cross-platform mobile app development services?

Reduced development costs

Instead of having a few groups for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone for app creation and maintenance, a multi-platform app just requires a cross-platform mobile app development programmers’ team, which eliminates a price rise.

Reduced time

Single-app code reduces the need to write the same software several times for different operating platforms.

Near-native functionality

Hybrid frameworks guarantee that applications have access to the same hardware and functionalities on smartphones as native apps due to code differences.


The requirement to deploy only one application eliminates the danger of multiple platforms having different launch dates.

Technologies we utilize to deliver your cross-platform mobile app development

We catch up to the most advanced inclinations in the mobile app world and greet mobile projects that involve the following technologies:

Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Intelligence BI


Internet of





Cross-platform mobile app development services we provide

AI integrated cross platform apps

To improve the functionality and user experience of our cross-platform mobile app development , we leverage artificial intelligence. Our programmers create flawless apps for our clients.

Web-based cross platform apps

If you don’t desire an app that makes users’ lives difficult by requiring them to download it, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work with you to create world-class web-based apps.

UI/UX design services

The gorgeous User Interface (UI/UX) and quick loading time of Infotonics’ cross-platform mobile app development are well-known. Our app designers know what works best for you.

Quality Assurance Services

We make no compromises when it comes to quality assurance. We’ll never let a bug slip through the cracks since we do quality checks on a regular basis.

Round-the clock customer support

We’re not going to let you dry. We guarantee that we will be there for you even after the job is completed. We are just as enthusiastic about your project as you are.

Steps to cross-platform mobile app development

Planning and Analysis

Our business analysts create crucial conditions for the delivery of a mobile solution that meets the client's expectations by conducting a product needs assessment during the project discovery phase. They will prioritise needs & identify possible development issues after ensuring that they have a thorough grasp of your business operations.

Design & development

The goal of cross-platform development is to have the app 'feel at home' on any device, whether it's an Android, iOS, or Windows Phone device. Infotonics’ developers can duplicate the native experience and performance on any platform by using development technologies like React Native, Xamarin, and Titanium.

Deployment and Testing

When developing cross-platform apps, it's critical to ensure that they perform smoothly on a variety of mobile operating systems and devices. At Infotonics, testers and quality assurance professionals are involved in the project development process from the beginning. They uncover product bottlenecks and flaws after doing a comprehensive study in order to resolve any issues and improve the app's performance.

Support & Enhancement

A mobile application, like any other technology, requires ongoing maintenance. Infotonics offers its clients a wide range of support and optimization services. Bug fixes, new features, functionality extensions, increased backend capacity, and app upgrades are all part of this process. All of these post-production operations are aimed at ensuring that our mobile solution fulfils new user and technological requirements.