Spice Mobiles offer a wide range of Android Smart phones & Feature Phones in India. We uploaded that data to the local server and from there, data moved to web server dynamically, and form there automatic computation invoices were generated, mails were automatically sent and follow-ups were taken.


Client’s Profile:

Spice Mobility Limited is a telecommunications-mobile firm established in India. The firm is involved in mobile devices, technology, development, commerce, and services. In addition, also in information technology. The telecommunications-mobiles section of the Company is involved in the production and selling of mobile phones, whereas the Information Technology segment is involved in the manufacturing, trading, installation, and networking of computer systems, as well as maintenance and servicing. The primary products of the company are a mobile device, passbook printers, and a computer system. Spice Mobiles, its subsidiary, was India’s first indigenous mobile phone manufacturer. When the phone industry in India was controlled by MNCs, the firm was founded to supply handsets with revolutionary features at an accessible price to Indian users.

Description of Project:

We suggested a cutting-edge, custom-built solution that made use of the most recent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. The complete invoice processing flow and probable situations for the client were examined to provide an effective and user-friendly solution with enhanced cycle time and accuracy.


The customer wanted to automate their invoicing process and was searching for a partner that could provide an effective automation solution for their invoice generation process, which involved various enterprise systems because;


In our ERP integrated automatic invoice generator system, the product and payment data were taken from the invoice document and compared to the purchase order. The following capabilities are built into the solution:


The client’s manual end-to-end invoice processing has now been turned into a well-defined, automated, and rule-based invoice reconciliation procedure. The automated invoice generating software, which uses custom created RPA workflows, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing for increased productivity, greater process control, faster invoice processing, and shorter turnaround times.  Our product has also assisted the customer in freeing up crucial financial staff for more strategic revenue recognition and business forecasting chores.