Application Services

We are in IT since 2005 with an affluent team of experts to bring dedicated services to turn your business application services into maximum value. Our application services include app development, support, cloud migration, modernization, integration, security management, and more.

The concept of Application services at Infotonics Media

Our theory of application services incorporates the following points:

Application Services we offer

Infotonics Media offers the following set of application services for midsized and significant enterprises:

Enterprises Applications

CRM (Sales / Operational)

E-Commerce, Multi Vendor

BI and KPI Solutions

Web Portal Development

Collaborative Work Solutions

Mobile App Development

IT Service Management

Application Development

We design and deliver web, mobile, and cloud application development with different complexities for various needs. We offer flexibility, security, speed, and alliance potential as a priority during the entire process. 

The advancement of custom software comes from:

Application management

Infotonics Media takes the responsibility of the entire application performance management of assuring their expanded business versatility and optimized IT values. We work as per the latest application management services and maintain and monitor every application server and database that takes care of performance, sustainability, stability and keep it synced.

Here is the list of application management services offered at Infotonics Media:

We operate over the continuous remote diagnostics of your demanding applications. We identify problems, share detailed info on principle issues and provide advice on the required amendments. We track transaction integrity, data compatibility, report queue exceeds, server failures. 

Infotonics Media assists in treating a spectrum of problems and incidents to control every small modification and configuration. We advise on beneficial app optimization exercises to discuss brand-new requirements. 

We’ve 24/7/364 help desk. It can become a single point of communication for application users. The help desk representatives receive all service requests and incident reports through e-mail, phone, chat, a ticket management system, and more. We evaluate the problem and solve simple cases directly (L1 support) or transfer serious issues to technical experts (L2/L3 support). We also create a knowledge base and an FAQ section for self-help. 

We design and carry out the plan to connect it with the development, testing, and deployment of your application to automate it. 

Application Modernization

Infotonics Media implements updating of legacy applications to enhance their performance and combine them into a functional business IT approach. We sustain a variety of ‘improvement’ activities and compare them according to the business necessities. 

Re-hosting – transferring an application from the on-premises or the old cloud app base to the new cloud without important revivals and changes in code. 

Re-platforming – relocating a part of an application to the cloud with minimal optimizations and upgrades to leverage. 

Re-architecting – modifying an application’s planning and design to make it more adaptable, resilient, and integration-friendly. Or provide clear app maintenance and modernized testing and distribution of further upgrades. 

Re-engineering – redesigning application segments, modernizing a few features such as performance, functionality, or adding new elements to an already existing system.

To make application modernization stable and beneficial, Infotonics Media take care:

Application Integration

Infotonics Media can transform different autonomous applications of an enterprise IT environment into a comprehensive working system by permitting it to improve user comfort and efficiency.
Moreover, we discuss our expertise in combining systems and providing web application development service of various complexity, range, and technology stacks and:
We’ve influential participation in providing different integration approaches – point-to-point service-oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise service bus (ESB), shared database (for specific cases) – and can make up a synthesis analysis that provides maximum value.
We assure that the integrated system provides relevant response time, security level, data quality.

We implement the application support solutions by modernizing your legacy applications to recognize their continuous operations in the new environment. We also provide comprehensive testing coverage as well as further unification and maintenance services.

Application security services

Security specialists at Infotonics Media support enterprises in building their application security immune to warnings. 

Application testing

We execute an automated software testing application for every stage, such as implementation, deployment, maintenance, and development. Infotonics Media identifies potential risks and verifies a perfect solution that works correctly within time, and communicates to the quality specifications. We ensure comprehensive checking of your application with multiple types of testing, including:

Grade up Your Business Software with Infotonics Media

Employ our professional support in application development and maintenance, update and support to gain a flourishing digital transformation, improve application profitability, and overcome operational expenses.